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Ground heat losses throughout the year

Downloadable zipped animation files (AVI format)
The animations can be played with e.g. Windows Media Player

fire_floor.zip (0.7 Mb) floor exposed to a fire
chimney.zip (1.2 Mb) ventilation flow through a chimney
floor_heating_1.zip (1.3 Mb) floor heating (perspective view)
floor_heating_2.zip (2.8 Mb) floor heating (top view)
double_facade_1.zip (1.1 Mb) ventilated double facade (variant 1)
double_facade_2.zip (1.4 Mb) ventilated double facade (variant 2)
shadows.zip (0.1 Mb) moving shadows due to daily sun movement
solar_radiation.zip (0.3 Mb) absorbed solar radiation upon exterior and interior wall surfaces
passive_solar_heating.zip (0.7 Mb) heating due to solar irradiation