3D steady state heat transfer
rectangular blocks

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The fastest most complete digital instrument for thermal analysis of current building components.
More than 25 years in the front line of thermal simulation.

Latest version : TRISCO v14.0w

  • Object modelled with rectangular blocks
  • By superposition in space a minimum number of blocks is required
  • Object parts can be copied, transformed, repeated
  • Input possible of 2D AutoCAD drawing via DXF file.
  • Material properties (thermal conductivity, surface emissivity) are linked to colours
  • Automatic calculation of equivalent thermal conductivity for air cavities modelled as materials
  Boundary conditions
  • Surface boundary conditions (to environment or between materials)
  • Volume boundary conditions (material with fixed temperature or heat power density)
  • Point boundary conditions (fixed temperature or power)
  RADCON module for TRISCO
  • Radiation based on view factors
  • Convection based on (calculated) convective heat transfer coefficient
  • Transparent materials for small cavities: conduction + radiation

  • Rectangular grid of system nodes through object block surfaces
  • Grid refinement functions
  • Extreme fast and stable solution through iteration
  • Unlimited number of nodes proportional to installed memory
  • Non-linear problems solved through iteration cycles

  • Superior graphic representation of isotherms and isofluxes
  • Text output of temperatures and heat flows
  • Calculation of thermal transmittances and thermal bridge properties
  • Thermal bridge analysis: heat loss calculation, surface condensation (ISO/FDIS 10211)
  • Thermal transmittances of building components and elements (EN ISO 6946)
  • Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters (EN ISO 10077-2)
  Demo program
  • Download Physibel demo programs and manuals (14 Mb)
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