2D transient heat transfer
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Fire engineering - glass fracture - ground heat loss - PCM

Latest version : BISTRA v4.0w

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Bitmap input
  • Same as in BISCO (also drawing and fill tools for bitmap editing)
  • Additional input of material densities and specific heat values
  • Thermal conductivities and specific heat values may be temperature dependent (e.g. useful in fire simulations)
Dynamic boundary conditions
  • Boundary conditions are time dependent functions: constant, steps, periodic, reference climate, fire curve, user defined
  • Preview (with zoom) of time functions and temperature functions (material properties)
  • Improved simulation of (non-linear) radiation and convection by use of RADCON module
  • Dynamic calculation parameters: time step interval; start-up calculation duration to get dynamic start values; calculation duration
  • Automatic triangulation and view factor calculation
  • Multiple calculation cycles of linear systems for solving non-linear properties
  • Temperature calculation at time step intervals using Cranck-Nicolson finite difference method
  • Recalculation of temperature dependent properties at each time step
  • Graphic animations (AVI files) of time varying temperatures
  • Snapshots at any time step
  • Tables and graphs of time varying temperatures and heat flows
  • Transient analysis of thermal bridges / construction elements
  • Dynamic thermal analysis of heating / cooling
  • Fire engineering (according to Eurocodes)
  • Ground heat losses (EN ISO 13370) and
    frost insulation (EN ISO 13793)
  • Glass fracture caused by solar radiation
  • Phase change materials (PCM)
  • BISTRA can read BISCO data
  • VOLTRA can read BISTRA data
  • Same function definitions as in CAPSOL